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Jig Rods


   These jig rods are primarily used for ground fishing in the Gulf of Maine and are custom made to order. I do try to keep a couple of E-Glass rods in stock. I use 2 basic colors and a metallic trim band for my shelf rods, but will do the colors of your choice. I can make any of these rods with an "Acid Wrap" but will need to change the type of guides for this, so please call for info. All rods have a continuous under wrap and doubled top wraps. By doubling the top wrap the cracking is practically eliminated.

   To build your rod takes about 3-4 weeks to complete and ship. Prices are changing daily due to material costs so please use these as estimated prices and I will give you an exact quote via phone or email. 

   My most popular rod is a medium weight 8'-0" E-Glass rod. It has a medium action with a 16" straight Hypalon rear grip, Fuji standard graphite seat and a 10" tapered Hypalon front grip. I wrap 5 Fuji BLRXLG guides and an American Tackle #20 top. This can be wrapped either conventional or spiral (acid) wrap. Line rating is 50lb. with standard butt wrap.





    I'm sorry to say that the Honey Classic jig rod is no longer available. This rod has been made on a Lamiglas surf blank that has to be cut from 11'4" to 8'-0". My wholesalers will not cut the blank prior to shipping and the cost of  shipping the fullsized blank makes it way too expensive to build on. I just don't do enough volume to order these direct from Lamiglas. If something changes in the future I will add these again as in my opinion, they are the best jigging rod ever made for the Jeffries Ledge.



   My two best are a toss up between the  Lamiglass GSB1201M Graphite cut to 8'-0" and the Mud Hole MHX MU108XXH-MHX. These are both graphite blanks are proven for turning large cod, halibut, and pollack. They can be ordered with eith cork or hypalon grips. A low profile fuji Silicon Nitrade II guide is reccomended.

    $455.00 with hypalon grips and $475.00 with cork grips.