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Ted Tyler with a 45 lb. cod caught on a custom Lamiglas GSB1201M

Captain Ralph McDonald with a 60lb. plus (maybe 70) cod on a custom acid wrapped Lamiglas SB1215M blank

Dan Kuftack with a 54 lb. cod caught on a custom Lamiglas SB1213M blank

Randy LaValley with a 37 lb cod caught on a custom 8' E-Glass jigging stick

Photo by Tim Tower

Dennis "Mr. Lavjigs" LaValley with a 50lb. cod caught on a custom Seeker 775-8 blank.

Mike Cygan  with a 35lb. cod on a custom Lamiglas  CGBT96XH  blank.

Dick Gilbert with a 30 lb. cod on a  custom GatorGlass GGT90XH

Kevin Ham's halibut caught on a custom Lamiglas SB1213M blank




 This is a file of someone abusing a Striper rod

on a 200# plus Yellowfin Tuna. I'm told that they did land the

fish and the rod didn't break but it did catch multiple tuna that day.

As soon as I get a picture of the fish on I'll post!



Captain Ralph MacDonald's 800lb + bluefin tuna caught on a TCR custom "Bacardi Rod" rebuild

Please send me any pictures of what you've caught and I'll post them here.

Thank You all,