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Bait Rods

   Most of these bait rods are all custom. There are so many types of species targeted that it makes it impossible for me to keep these pre-made. I will build on almost any blank with the specifications requested.

I'm only keeping one model for the shelf. This is a 1 piece 7'-0" E-Glass slow action rod. It is rated for 50 lb. line and is primarily used for cod and haddock. I like the slow action because it will bend more and tends to keep the hook in the mouth instead of pulling out as can happen with the stiffer rods.  I use Hypalon grips, a #16 Fuji BUXLT top, 6 Fuji BLRXLG  guides all under wrapped, Fuji heavy duty reel seat, and a standard butt wrap. This can be wrapped in either conventional style or an "Acid Wrap".